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Sex dating in mountain ash glamorgan

He won the first of his seven caps in a victory against Scotland at the Arms Park, Cardiff, in February 1939, before heading out to Egypt to serve as a navigator in fighter planes.

He had the First World War fighter pilot Ira "Taffy" Jones to thank for getting him into the air. His 6ft 3in frame was more suited to playing at No 8 for Cardiff and Wales than to fitting into the cockpit of a fighter plane.

Manfield's time in Egypt was a mixture of bombing raids and special operations, flying secret agents behind enemy lines. Just to prove the war had not blunted his playing skills, Manfield captained Cairo Welsh to a 22-3 St David's Day win over England in 1945 and a month later a 6-3 triumph over a Rest of the Empire XV at Alexandria.

In the early 19th century the population grew rapidly, owing to the abundance of coal and iron ore,: the population of the whole parish, 1,486 in 1801, increased tenfold during the first half of the 19th century.

Les Manfield, rugby player and schoolteacher: born Mountain Ash, Glamorgan 10 November 1915; married (one son, one daughter); died Mountain Ash 2 November 2006.

The Welsh rugby international Les Manfield was one of the few players to represent his country on either side of the Second World War.

Two major industries supported the growth of the community: first iron, then coal.

A branch of the Glamorganshire Canal (1811) was used to transport these products; then the railway became the main means of transport to the South Wales coast.

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The four survivors found themselves in a dinghy in pouring rain and 15ft seas.

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