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But once they take on a leadership role, it’s different,” she said.“I personally did not observe Shabbat until taking on a leadership role in USY, and here I am as a rabbi.Readers can check whether a quotation has been included by consulting the online edition of the , provided they, their public library, or their institution, subscribe to the service.

So many people have had this experience because they were leaders in USY.” Added Reed: “For a high school student who is not used to observing Shabbat or dating only Jews, taking on a leadership role is significant, and more demands should be made by the Johanna Ginsberg NJJN Staff Writer December 22, 2014 UPDATE: Conservative youth leaders relax rules on interdating Observance requirements are on the table as Conservative youth movement leaders gather in Atlanta for their annual international convention. 22, members of the international executive board of United Synagogue Youth as well as regional presidents are scheduled to vote on an amendment that would relax requirements requiring the teen organization’s board members to be Shabbat observant and date only fellow Jews.Instead, the amendment requires an “enhanced commitment to growth in study and observance.” Instead of prohibiting interfaith dating, the amendment requires board members to “model healthy Jewish dating choices.” The changes were proposed by members of the current international executive board over the summer, and with input from councils of USYers, Rabbi Steven Wernick — CEO of USY’s parent organization, United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism — (as , or legal authority) and rabbis he consulted, as well as regional leaders and staff.According to the current constitution, USY officers “shall observe the Sabbath and Jewish holidays” according to the standards of the Conservative movement’s Rabbinical Assembly, which means, for example, refraining from travel and taking part in school examinations and public functions on Shabbat.The constitution also states that “it is expected that leaders of the organization will refrain from relationships which can be construed as interdating.” The proposal to alter or eliminate these clauses raised eyebrows among former USY leaders and alumni, who circulated an on-line petition in the week leading up to the vote.


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