Free sex meet deutschland

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Free sex meet deutschland

Instead, it aims to monetize with functions, product placement, content such as a blog and possible membership.

"That's an ethical choice, but it's also a question of criminal liability," Poppenreiter said.

They then send their pitches to available "ladies" nearby.

The escorts' profiles are private and verified by Ohlala, not least to ensure that women are signing up voluntarily.

Pia Poppenreiter may have a name straight out of a Hanna-Barbera cartoon, but she belongs firmly in the world of adult entertainment.

This week - a day before Amnesty International approved a policy to call for the global decriminalization of sex work - the Berlin-based entrepreneur launched Ohlala, which claims to be the world's first app for "paid dates." "We're already outperforming on many levels," Poppenreiter told DW.

Legal restrictions will inevitably be the biggest obstacles facing Ohlala's expansion."The response has exceeded our expectations." Ohlala is basically a cleaned-up version of Peppr, the first app Poppenreiter developed, which provided a platform for independent sex workers to connect with prospective clients.It sparked a frenzy of media interest when it went live last year.If they choose to reply to the booking request, they can open a chat on the platform and the rest is up to them.Perhaps the date will involve dinner, a visit to the opera. Whatever course it takes, money will change hands, although Ohlala doesn't take a fee for facilitating the transaction.

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According to the Federal Statistics Office, only 60,000 of Germany's 400,000 sex workers are call girls and escorts rather than street walkers.